Our Indoor Range has more than 80 types of rental firearms to choose from, including full automatic machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns for your shooting pleasure. Range Safety Instructors are provided for all of our shooters.

Our Retail Store features the top brands in the industry in stock and available for you to look at and handle before you buy. We also carry accessories and optics to fit any budget or application.



Our retail shop is designed to provide our patrons with a variety of shooting and hunting supplies and related merchandise. The retail area offers rentals guns, ammunition and shooting supplies as well as a large selection of gifts, memorabilia and clothing. A waiting and viewing area (with ballistic glass), as well as large LED flat screen TV’s are adjacent to the shooting lanes for your viewing pleasure.



The range is the perfect place to practice, improve your skills and have fun. The range provides a safe, secure and environmentally friendly facility to pursue your sport of choice. Our state of the art amenities include: new cutting edge target frames, a large variety of caliber ranges from .22 to 9mm as well as trap shooting. A full complement of firearms, ammo, rentals and lessons are also available.



We know that the atmosphere of a range can make or break the experience. Our safe and family friendly atmosphere is designed not only to cater to the seasoned shooter but also to those new to the activity. This includes men, women, children, and whole families just getting into shooting.



Guns are a part of our culture and heritage as Americans. Knowing how to properly handle and use guns will keep you safe and help you to enjoy the sport responsibly. Join us for one of our classes in gun safety, operation, conceal carry and hunter’s safety (see our Classes/Training page)



Do you want to learn more about shooting and the importance of gun safety? Do you want an opportunity to compete, meet new people and share your hobbies with them? Join us for a summer league! We offer various leagues at all different skill levels. Our shooting leagues are perfect for people who want to learn more about their favorite sport without sacrificing fun and relaxation. Also, check out our awards for winning your league!



American Shooters Indoor Gun Range is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and scouting groups. The range offers special discounts to these groups and is open to the public. American Shooters is constructed of concrete masonry units (grouted solid) with shooting lane equipment provided by Action Target, a nationwide leader in shooting range design and build out. The structure is sound resistant, secure, well-lit and ventilated to meet OSHA,NIOSH,ASHRE and EPA regulations.



At American Shooters Indoor Gun Range, we are committed to providing you with a safe and enjoyable shooting experience. All lanes are supervised by employees that have earned the National Rifle Association (NRA) Range Safety Officer certification and all individuals using the range area required to provide valid ID, sign a liability waiver and view our short Safety Video before using the range (See our full Range Rules in the Range Information page). Our friendly staff is available to help assist you in meeting your firearm training needs while using our ranges.

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