Permitted & Non-Permitted Ammunition

American Shooters Indoor Gun Range wants our customers to have an exceptionally fun and enjoyable experience at our facility.  The firearms market is extremely broad.  And not unlike the automotive or consumer electronics industries, firearm enthusiasts have access to an almost limitless amount of innovative and exciting technology.

Regretfully, not all of the firearms-related technology available in the marketplace is safe to use in an indoor, public gun range.  In order to prolong the life of our equipment, spare unnecessary damage and repair costs, and ensure the safety of all of our customers and staff, we must restrict the following kinds of ammunition.

STEEL-BASED AMMUNITION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  Steel case, steel core, and bi-metal steel ammunition are all included in this ban.

Because these are frequently asked questions, we will explain:

Steel-cased ammunition does not burn very cleanly.  We pride ourselves in providing a state-of-the-art HEPA air filtration system.  Many of our customers have commented that they can’t smell gun smoke while shooting in our lanes, and our air filtration system is why.  This system is very sophisticated, and requires regular maintenance and filter changes to operate smoothly.  Steel-cased ammunition produces excess soot and gases that prematurely wear out the filters in our air handlers.

Steel-core and bi-metal steel have the potential to be armor-piercing.  We are situated in a mixed commercial / residential area, and must ensure that stray rounds do not exit our facility.

Standard brass and aluminum casings are permitted.  Lead-nosed and copper full-metal jacketed (FMJ) bullets are also permitted.

TRACERS, INCENDIARIES, ARMOR PIERCING, AND ALL OTHER EXOTIC / DESTRUCTIVE-TYPE AMMUNITION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  This includes rounds that are commonly called “dragon’s breath” and 5.56 x 45 M86 ammunition.

Handgun rounds: all calibers are permitted.  Magnum handgun rounds are also permitted (including 500 S&W Magnum).  Handgun ammunition must also conform to the policies against steel content and other exotic / destructive content.

Rifle rounds: 30 caliber (30-30, 30.06, .308, etc.) and smaller are permitted.  Larger calibers and magnum rifle rounds (i.e. 338 Lapua Magnum) are prohibited.  Rifle ammunition must also conform to the policies against steel content and not being exotic or destructive.

Shotguns are not permitted in the range. This includes handguns that fire shotgun rounds.

If you still have questions, ask our staff for clarification!