Remington .280 Remington Core-Lokt 140 Grain 500 Rounds


The Athlete’s Guide includes your Remington,280 Remington PSP Core-Lokt 140 Grain, 20 rounds available at a great price in our .280 Remington Amo collection,




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The Remington .280 Remington Core-Lokt 140 Grain Pointed Soft Point (PSP) is a popular hunting round for deer and other medium-sized games. It has a maximum range of around 500 yards and is a flat shot with reasonable accuracy. The PSP bullet has a soft lead core surrounded by a metal sheath. This bullet design helps ensure deep penetration and excellent expansion. The PSP bullet WINCHESTER 45 AUTO AMMUNITION retains its weight and energy on impact, making it an excellent choice for hunting.

The .280 Remington Core-Lokt is a powerful cartridge capable of taking down the game up to 800 yards. It is designed for bolt-action rifles and is suitable for target shooting and hunting. The recoil produced by this cartridge is light and manageable, making it an excellent choice for novice hunters.

The 280 Remington ballistics Core-Lokt is an excellent all-around hunting cartridge suitable for novice and experienced hunters. The round is powerful enough to take out a big game but precise and maneuverable enough for a small game. The PSP bullet is designed to expand and penetrate deeply, making it an excellent choice for hunting deer and other medium-sized games.


  • Caliber: 280 bullet
  • Bullet weight: 140 pointed soft points (PSP)
  • Initial speed: 2820 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 2,343 ft-lbs
  • Ballistic coefficient: .400
  • Maximum range: 500 meters


The 280 Remington ammo seek Core-Lokt PSP bullet is designed for hunting and target shooting. The soft lead core and metal sheath provide deep penetration and excellent expansion, making it a practical choice for eliminating medium-sized games. The flat shot design of the PSP bullet makes it an excellent choice for long-range hunting. The slight recoil of the .280 Remington Core-Lokt makes it suitable for beginner hunters.

Is 280 Remington Ammoseek a Good Rifle?

The Remington 280 also has a reputation for being accurate and consistent. The cartridge’s moderate recoil allows for fast follow-up shots, while its high ballistic coefficient ensures every shot is as accurate as possible. This makes the 280 Remington a favorite among hunters and long-range shooters.

Is the 280 Remington a Goldilocks?

Three remington core-lokt 280 fishing in a stream represent the “perfect” Goldilocks performance of the Remington 280 cartridge. The 280 Remington might be the Goldilocks of standard-length action hunting rounds. Not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow, but it’s perfect because it fires medium caliber bullets, 0.284-inch diameter.

Are 280 Remington and Winchester The Same Bull?

Remington 280 with Rem shown. Remington core-lokt 270 130 grain. and 30-06. Although Remington and Winchester were America’s two herd bulls competing for hunters’ dollars in the mid-20th century, neither could claim the Alpha position.

Did Remington change the name of the 280 to 7mm-06?

The company’s PR geniuses tried to pull a trick in 1979 by renaming the Federal premium 280 rem 140 grain the Remington 7mm-06 but quickly realized it could be mistaken for an old 7mm-06 wildcat with a gap. Different head. Cross off that release.




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