Range Rules



Safety is always top priority, American Shooters reserves the right to refuse business to anyone at anytime for any reason

American Shooters reserves the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition

Viewing of the safety video and signing of a HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT is a requirement on an annual basis.  A HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT can be signed digitally before your visit by creating an account and following the steps provided on the “MY ACCOUNT” page at the top.

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Do not enter the range if you are pregnant or nursing

Food, Drinks, and tobacco are not permitted inside the range

The use of alcohol or drugs before or during shooting is strictly prohibited  and will result in removal from the property

All guns must be unloaded with the action opened and carried in a case or box until on the firing line except for law enforcement and CCW personnel 

Eye and Ear protection are mandatory and must be put on before entering the range

Only ammunition purchased through American Shooters can be fired through rental firearms

When entering and exiting the range, wait for one door to close before opening the second door

Two people per lane are permitted inside the range – additional guests must wait in the show room and view area


Align your target so you do not shoot the ceiling, floor, or other targets

Always keep your gun unloaded until you are ready to use it

Before handling any gun be sure it is pointed down range

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot

Ask for help from our Range Safety Officer if you are unfamiliar with the operation of any gun

Only one gun may be fired per lane at any time – no holster or quick draw firing allowed

Never leave a loaded gun sitting on the bench by itself – in the event of a jammed or malfunctioning firearm, lay the firearm on the bench pointing down range and raise your hand for assistance

When reloading keep your gun pointed down range and parallel to the floor

When you want to take a pause between shooting, take your finger off the trigger and point the muzzle down range and rest your elbows at your hips

When changing shooters or checking targets, the gun must be unloaded and laying on the bench pointed down range

Never hand a loaded gun to anyone for any reason

Never cross the firing lane for any reason – all body parts must remain behind the firing lane at all times

When you hear CEASE-FIRE, take your finger off the trigger, keep gun pointed down range with elbows on your hips and wait for further instructions from the range officer

Anyone can and should call CEASE-FIRE during dangerous situations

Always wash your hands when you are done shooting and handling guns

American Shooters requires customers wishing to use firearms regulated by the NFA (RE:Class 3, SOT) provide copies of ownership and licensing to be held by staff during their visit

AMMO POLICY: Absolutely NO tracers, armor-piercing, steel-core or steel-jacketed ammunition is allowed on any of our ranges. This includes ‘bi-metal’ marked ammunitions. Unfortunately most of the economy European loads from Wolf, Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Tula, etc. are included in this restricted group. Simple test: place a magnet on your projectile, if it sticks to any portion, then the projectile contains steel and not just the softer malleable metals such as lead, brass and copper that are allowed. You are still welcome to bring your own ammo to shoot in your guns (not the rentals) as long as the ‘no steel’ guideline is met. ALL outside ammo will be inspected at check-in.


Please read up on the rules for AMERICAN SHOOTERS INDOOR GUN RANGE. Those seen breaking the rules will either be warned or immediately asked to leave by the RSO. Failure to abide by any safety rule may result in a reprimand or your removal from the range.